Village Compost at a multi-unit residential compost pick-up location - Village Compost Limited - Compost Collection & More - London, Ontario

What can I compost?

Please visit our Compost Guide page to find out what we collect and compost.

Do I need to provide my own bins?

Our service provides you with all bins and materials necessary to begin composting immediately.

How often do you pick up compost?

Pick ups are scheduled on the same day weekly to maintain an easy-to-follow routine.

What happens if my bins get full?

We monitor your compost output and adjust the number of bins to match your needs. Feel free to phone us when you get more pumpkins than expected over Halloween ;)

Do you serve large multi-unit residential buildings?

We do. It's easy. Please phone us today to set up a trial program with bins and pick ups at your building(s).

Do you serve single family homes?

Yes we do. Get in touch for bins and pricing today.

Do you pick up compost all year long?

Food waste doesn't stop with the weather, and we are here for you all year long.

Can I skip a week's pickup when I am on vacation?

Yes. Simply email us at least a week ahead and we will reschedule your next pickup.

How long have you been providing this service?

Village Compost has been helping local organizations handle their organic waste responsibly since 2012.

Do you have any instructional videos?

Check out our video Primer on Condo and Apartment Composting for Beginners, part of Urban Agriculture series on The Grove at WFD channel.